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Lemons (incl. side-stories, one-shots, epics, sagas) not linked here *(see bottom of page)

Last Updated: 12.02.2000
[Songfic] Pretty Young Girl
[Songfic] Call and Answer
[Songfic] Hand In My Pocket
[Songfic] [SM] Truths
[Songfic] [AM] That's the Way it is
[Songfic] Velvet Underworld ~ Men of RK
[Songfic] The Himura Bunch
[Songfic] [AM] If it wasn't for you...: 1 2
[Songfic] I Want it That Way...
[Songfic] [SM] Never Be The Same
[Songfic] Somewhere
[LEMON] [YAOI] [Songfic] You Oughta Know
[Songfic] Mystify
[Songfic] Beautiful Stranger
[Songfic] Opposites attract
[Songfic] Scream
[Songfic] [SY] Crazy
[Songfic] Livin' la vida loca
[Songfic] The Arms or Orion
[Songfic] Special Britney Spears
[Songfic] Misao-chan ja ne!
[Songfic] Hopelessly Devoted To You
[Songfic] You Could Be Mine
[Songfic] The Unforgiven
[Songfic] Turn the Page
[Songfic] Funny Things Pop Into Your Head Sometimes
[Songfic] [KK] Until the Time is Through
[Songfic] Weasel Girl
[Songfic] 'There is Someone'
[Songfic] [AMS] Just Before (I was gonna say I Love You)
[Songfic] [AM] Even When I'm Sleeping
[Songfic] Wonderful Tonight
[Songfic] [AM] He's Got To Be Someone
Looking for Misao
[Songfic] [AM] She's Like The Wind
[Songfic] [AM] She's All I Ever Had
[Songfic] [KK] A Place Called Home
[Songfic] [AM] Crucify My Love
[Songfic] Only Love
[Songfic] [SM] What Made You Say That
[Songfic] [AM] Aoshi/Misao Vidfic - N'Sync
[Songfic] [KK, Enishi] Full of Grace
[Songfic] [KK] I do (cherish you)
[Songfic] [SM] Show me the meaning of being lonely
TWL Side Stories
Songfic Eyes on Me
[Songfic] Push
[Songfic] [SM] You Were Mine
[Songfic] [KK] Godsend
[Songfic] [X-Over] [Jekyll&Hyde] Confrontation
[Songfic] "One"
[Songfic] [AM] Last Impression
It's Your Love
The Wonder of You
Please Remember Me
My Guy
If You See Him/ If You See Her
You Had Me From Hello
Alternate Pairings (chronological):
How Long Gone
That Summer
In Another's Eyes
I Could Fall In Love
Wide Open Spaces
Oh How She Shines
What The Heart Wants
From Here To Eternity
From This Moment On
The Gift
[Songfic] All the heaven I need
[Songfic] These wicked games
[Songfic] I will be right here
[Songfic] (What the hell) I see in you
[Songfic] A Better Man
[Songfic] If I Never Knew You - Songfic for Ashfae's "Koiji"
[Songfic] [Shinta] Where is Love?
[Songfic] Mister Santa
[Songfic] [WAFF] [KK] We Could Be In Love
[Songfic] Circumstances
[Songfic] [SM] Somewhere Between Love and Friendship
[Songfic] [AM] Anything But Lonely
[Songfic] [AM] Another Day

* Lemons (with a [LEMON] tag) and lemon side stories or segments (within parenthesis - () ) not linked here - Please access through the front page if you are of legal age
[LIME] = AKA Citrusy, AKA NC-17 rating.
[LEMON] = AKA Adult Romance, AKA Smut, etc.
[KK] = Kenshin x Kaoru
[KT] = Kenshin x Tomoe
[AM] = Aoshi x Misao
[SM] = Sanosuke x Megumi
[ST] = Saitou x Tokio
[SY] = Shishiro x Yumi
[YAOI] = male/male pairing
[Anyone+Someone] = Alternate Pairing
[Anyone, Someone] = NOT Pairing; focus on two char.s
[KKT] = NOT a threesome; focus on Kenshin, Kaoru and Tomoe.

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