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Lemons (incl. side-stories, one-shots, epics, sagas) not linked here *(see bottom of page)

Last Updated: 24.02.2000
[Humour] Violinist X
[Humour] [SM] Ballad of Sano and Megumi
[Humour] Another silly filk
[Humour] Manga No. 5
[Humour] If an Otaku Had $1,000,000
[Humour] Some old Spamfics
[Humour] Energizer Kenshin
[Humour] [Chou, Sano] Golden Eyes and Dirty Blond Hair: 1 2
[Humour] [X-Over] Invasion from America: The Insane Screenplay
[Humour] Let's Get Serious: 1 2 3 4 5 6
[Humour] How the YYH, RK, SS, GW, SD and EVA characters will react to the view of Episode 1
[Humour] messed up scenes
[Humour] Rk End:The three little Alpes boys
[Humour] Matte Makimachi Battousai! 3, 4-6, the forgotten fight
[Humour] Omae o Koruso de gozaru you
[Humour] [Saitou, Megumi, Tokio] Broken Wolf
[Humour] Aoshi, The Fashion Victim
[X-Over] [Humour] Clash of the Sake Titans
(Chronological Order)
[Humour] A Super Horse's Day
[Humour] Kyoto Blues
[Humour] A Rurouni Christmas:
[Humour] A Letter From Kathy - A Rurouni Kenshin Parody
[Humour] The Rice Balls of Death
[Humour] Hitokiri Laundry-Sai
[Humour] Les Miserables: Rurouni Kenshin Style
[Humour] The Meiji Mission: 1 2
[Humour] Girl Talk
[Humour] Future Past
[Humour] [Kenshin] All I Want For Christmas...
[Humour] Krazy Kenshin Kommercials
[X-Over] [Ranma 1/2] [Humour] The Past Returns: An 'Aoshi 1/2' fic [New]
[Humour] [X-Over] The Tale of the Sleeping Beauty [New]
[Humour] The Meiji-Era Full Monty!: 1 2 3 4
[Humour] The Vicious Horse Episode
[Humour] Lessons:
prologue 1 2 3
epilogue [Finished]
[Humour] LIAC fics:
Seishi and Meiji Meet NY Telephone
An Unexpected -- and Irate -- Visitor
Home Movies
Closing the Distance -- 20 Minutes Later
Writing Angst
Ecchi Seishi
Taihen! The SPCAC Comes to Call
E-mail Support Group
Defective Character
Those Darn Cats!
Dan's LIAC: 1 2 3 [Finished]
And Then Came Japoro
Jawa Obsession
Fighting With the Muse
The Voice
[Humour] Little Rabbit Fuu Fuu
[Humour] Remington Rurouni
[Humour] Misao-chan & Mibu's Wolf: a Rurouni Kenshin fairy Tale
[Humour] Six Million Dollar Sano
[Humour] An Unexpected Cut
[Humour] How Enishi Stole Christmas
[Humour] Kenshin the Red Haired Rurouni
Clean Version (written by )
Ecchi Version (written by Tae)
[Humour] Makimachi's Rainbow
[Humour] To Be Or Not To Be: 1-7(zip1)

* Lemons (with a [LEMON] tag) and lemon side stories or segments (within parenthesis - () ) not linked here - Please access through the front page if you are of legal age
[LIME] = AKA Citrusy, AKA NC-17 rating.
[LEMON] = AKA Adult Romance, AKA Smut, etc.
[KK] = Kenshin x Kaoru
[KT] = Kenshin x Tomoe
[AM] = Aoshi x Misao
[SM] = Sanosuke x Megumi
[ST] = Saitou x Tokio
[SY] = Shishiro x Yumi
[YAOI] = male/male pairing
[Anyone+Someone] = Alternate Pairing
[Anyone, Someone] = NOT Pairing; focus on two char.s
[KKT] = NOT a threesome; focus on Kenshin, Kaoru and Tomoe.

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