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Last Updated: 29.02.2000
I'm Flying!: 1
[Songfic] Pretty Young Girl
Unnamed: 3a 4a
The Thoughts
New untitled
[YAOI] The Kenshin Trap 1
A Christmas Carol
[Dark/Angst] [KK] Mirai No Yakusoku:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
[LEMON] [KK] Lemon side story for Chap 8
9 10 11 12 13
[WAFF] [KK] A New Era:
1 2 3 4 5
[LEMON] [KK] Lemon version of Chap 5
6 7 8 10 11 12 [Finished]
The Ties That Bind:
1 [Revised], 2
1, 2, 3, 4, 5[LIME],
6 [Finished], Spam ending
[Songfic] If I Never Knew You - "Koiji" Songfic by Sentora
Past and Present: Prologue
[X-Over] Ashfae's 21st Birthday Party
[Songfic] Call and Answer
[AM] Learning to Rebuild
[AM] Interlude
[Poem] Soujiro
[Challenge] Misao Working Girl Challenge: Misao Working Girl Challenge
[LIME] [Blanket] Sano and Megumi
[ST] Ah! My Miburo?!?
[AM] Forgiveness
[WAFF] [AM] Freedom
[KK] Beauty and the Battousai: 1
[KK] Kenshin's Christmas
[Drama] [KK] When the Earth Moves... : 2 3 4
[KK] Angel
Battousai Again: 1 2 3
[Songfic] Hand In My Pocket
[Poem] Reflections of a Mirrored Sword
[Megumi] Resignation
[Poem] Kenshin's Desperation
[Kenshin, Enishi] Doppleganger
Killing is Our Business... And Business is Good
A Crooked Path: Prelude [New]
Shadows: Prologue
[Songfic] [SM] Truths
[Songfic] [AM] That's the Way it is
[Blanket] The Blanket Scenerios:
Kaoru and Kenshin
Kenshin & Saitoh
Misao & Aoshi
Kenshin & Kaoru
Choose Your Own Adventure
Just a Knife
Chez Oro
[Okita, Soujirou] The Battle for the Title of the Cutest
[Omasu] Omasu Oneshot & Comments on Recent and Older Fics
[Kenshin] In the Grasp of Dusk [1868-set oneshot]
[Kamatari] When You Cross A Crossdresser With *The* She-wolf
[Songfic] Velvet Underworld ~ Men of RK
[Dark/Angst] [AM] Reiki:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [New] [Finished]
[X-Over] [Ranma ] Chris Davies Mystery Story 16
[YAOI] Ptsoup, Snow and a Blanket
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: Moving On
Star Trek
[KK] Never Alone
[KK] Beloved Wife
[Songfic] The Himura Bunch
Circle's End: 1-2(zip) [Finished]
[LEMON] [AM] Night
[AM] The Mermaid Chronicles: 1 2a 2b
[Blanket] [AM] Winter Wonderland
Jealous... No Way!: 1 2 3
[Songfic] [AM] If it wasn't for you...: 1 2
[Soujirou] A True Smile: 1 2 [Finished]
[AM] 'Til Twilight: 1 2 [Finished]
[Songfic] I Want it That Way...
Couch Potatoes: 1-4(zip) [Finished]
Tales From The Couch- The unwatched episodes
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: Ice Teardrop
[Aoshi, Misao, Shiro] Cohesion: Prologue 1
[Songfic] [SM] Never Be The Same
The ShiShio Fanclub March!
[KT] Ai shiteru
[KT] Memoirs of a Sword
Guide in the Wilderness: 1 2
[LEMON] [Kaoru] Sword Practice
[Humour] Violinist X
[Humour] [SM] Ballad of Sano and Megumi
[Humour] Another silly filk
[Humour] Manga No. 5
[Blanket] Sano and Megumi
[Humour] If an Otaku Had $1,000,000
[LEMON] [AM] Aoshimisaofics@egroups Round Robin
[X-Over] Heroes on Earth: 1 2 3
[SM] Dilemma
[SM] Crayon Rainbow , Author's note
[Humour] Some old Spamfics
[Humour] Energizer Kenshin
[Blanket] [Yumi, Soujirou] A Cold Smile
[Yutarou] Gaisen
[Humour] [Chou, Sano] Golden Eyes and Dirty Blond Hair: 1 2
Last Shreds: 1 2a 2b
[Humour] [X-Over] Invasion from America: The Insane Screenplay
[Songfic] Somewhere
A Beautiful Hitkokiri: 1 2
[Hiko, Kenshin] Promise
[Hiko, Kenshin] The Art of War: 1 2 3
Those Days Are Written On My Heart:
1 2 3 4 5a
5b 6 7
When I Am Dead, Then Close My Eyes
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: The Way to a Man's Heart
[X-Over] [Utena] Camp Bishounen
A Mother's Elegy In Five Parts: Prologue 1
[Humour] Let's Get Serious: 1 2 3 4 5 6
[X-Over] Rurouni Kenshin vs. Predator: 1 2 3 4 5 6 1-6(Textzip)
KoF - Rurouni Kenshin Style!!!!: 1 2 3
Yahiko Myojin: Beyond Retribution: 1 3
[LEMON] [KK] Wedding-Night Jitters
[AM] Misao's Condition
[Blanket] [SM] Sanosuke and Megumi
[YT] Tsubame's First
Secret Feelings
[Drama] Arashi:
1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9 [Updated]
[KK] All's Well That Ends Well: 1-3, 4
(Sequel) [KT] A Peaceful Slumber
Too Much Sake
(Sequel to "Too Much Sake") [SM] Hangover:
1 2a 2b 3a [Updated]
[YT] Only Time Can Tell: 2
(Side Story) Letter #1
[SM] Middle Of The Night Crisis
Faraway Star , a Meiji era Ballad
[X-Over] Slam Reikai Romantan: 1 2 3 4 5
Dancing Madly Backwards:
Complete zip [Finished]
The Great Kanto
(Sequel) 10 years after...: 1 2
Gift From The Death:
1 2 5 6 [Updated]
[Humour] How the YYH, RK, SS, GW, SD and EVA characters will react to the view of Episode 1
[Humour] messed up scenes
[Humour] Rk End:The three little Alpes boys
[Humour] Matte Makimachi Battousai! 3, 4-6, the forgotten fight
[Humour] Omae o Koruso de gozaru you
[Humour] [Saitou, Megumi, Tokio] Broken Wolf
[Challenge] A Meiji Christmas Song
[KK] Those Days
[LEMON] [SY] As Fresh As Rainy Woods
[LEMON] One Million Encounter: 1-3(zip) [Finished]
[LEMON] [Blanket] [Sanosuke+Kaoru] Your most dreamed man
[LEMON] [YAOI] [Songfic] You Oughta Know
[LIME] Sano&Megumi thing revised
[Songfic] Mystify
[Songfic] Beautiful Stranger
[Songfic] Opposites attract
[Songfic] Scream
[Songfic] [SY] Crazy
[Songfic] Livin' la vida loca
[Songfic] The Arms or Orion
[Songfic] Special Britney Spears
[Songfic] Misao-chan ja ne!
[Songfic] Hopelessly Devoted To You
[Songfic] You Could Be Mine
[Poem] I Wish To Get To Know A Man [New]
Fallen Angel: 1
[X-Over] Kisetsuhazure
[X-Over] [RK/TB] [Aoshi] When Evil Smiles
[X-Over] [RK/TB] The Other Side of Twilight: 0 1 2 3 4 5 Belated notes [Finished]
[Poem] First Breath
[Humour] Aoshi, The Fashion Victim
[KK] [Tomoe+Kiyosato] Forgiving Scars
[X-Over] [Humour] Clash of the Sake Titans
[Hiko] Lucky Number 13
The Final Mark: 1 2 3 4 5
[Songfic] The Unforgiven
[Songfic] Turn the Page
[Songfic] Funny Things Pop Into Your Head Sometimes
[Songfic] [KK] Until the Time is Through
(Andrea M.)
Torn: Prologue
The Perfect Gift
[Songfic] Weasel Girl
(Chronological Order)
[Humour] A Super Horse's Day
[Hiko] Heaven's Sword, Spirit's Heart: 1 2
A Sword's Memory: 1 2
[KK] Two Blades of a Sakabatou: 1 2 3 4
Hitokiri's Battousai and Wolf
Mail + Afternoons
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: Choices Alone
[Drama] Kokoro - Heart, Mind and Soul:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11a 11b 12a 12b
[Drama] [X-Over] Rurouni Knight Hazard:
Prologue 1 2 3 4 [Updated]
[KK] Snow
[SM] Who Cares For The Fox?
[KK] Haiku
[Kaoru] Prayer
[Megumi] Youko
Aoshi Trilogy:
[AM] Bakemono
[AM] Teraterabouzu
[Kenshin] Fushigi na Inochi
[Battousai] Seinen
[X-Over] Dark Designs: 1 2 3 4 5
Meiji Today
New Year offerings
[LEMON] [KK] Untitled Sour lemon
Untitled Fic bit
[KK] Kareko at the Aoiya
[X-Over, YYH] More Than Ordinary: Prologue Prologue cont'd
The Tale of Cinderella and her Prince Charming??!!
[Songfic] 'There is Someone'
[Blanket] [KK] Kaoru & Kenshin
A Fractured Tale
[Kenshin] More than Mortal: prologue 1
2 Poem
Untitled: prologue
[Blanket] Ayame & Suzume
[Blanket] Continuation of Chelsea's Aoshi & Misao
[Blanket] Kaoru & Shishio
[WAFF] [AM] Let The Reason Be Love: 1 2 3 4 5
[Songfic] [AMS] Just Before (I was gonna say I Love You)
[Songfic] [AM] Even When I'm Sleeping
[Songfic] Wonderful Tonight
[Songfic] [AM] He's Got To Be Someone
Looking for Misao
[Songfic] [AM] She's Like The Wind
[Songfic] [AM] She's All I Ever Had
[AM] Misaoella
Julie Farel [Verify]
[KK] Deep Wounds
Kaede [Verify]
[KT] Last Exit to Eden
[AM] Questions
[AM] Last Chance: 1
[Humour] Kyoto Blues
[KK] My Secret
[AM] Second Chances
[AM] Whispered Goodbyes
[AM] At Aoshi's Expense
[AM] Chapter 1: The Tempering: 1 2 3
[AM] The Breaking Point
[KK] Ghosts of Loneliness
[KK] In the Wake of Tears
[KK] Ishin Denshin: Reading Each Other's Heart
[KK] Stranger from the Past: 1 2 3 4
[Poem] Rurouni: A Kenshin Poem
[Poem] [AM] Shades: A Misao Poem
[Humour] A Rurouni Christmas:
[AM] Gone with the Ninja
Sailor Battousai
Kenshin the Pooh, Misao and Aoshi too!
[Songfic] [KK] A Place Called Home
[Songfic] [AM] Crucify My Love
[KK] Shadow in The Sun:
prologue 1 2 3 4
5 6
[AM] Sunflowers
[SM] Porcelain
[Humour] A Letter From Kathy - A Rurouni Kenshin Parody
[Challenge] [SM] Christmas Challenge: The Magic of Christmas
The Killer Inside: 1
Star: 7
[X-Over, GW, YYH, FY] Single Wish: 1
[SPAM] Top 10 Lines/Scenes You'll Never See in Rurouni Kenshin
[Songfic] Only Love
(Check if same as above)
Rurouni Cabbit
[AM] Lilacs in your heart
[AM] Frost and Fire
[KK] A Ruruoni's Promise
[KT] Nageku
[Megumi] Unrequited
[SM] Tears and Forgetting
Kenshinball: 1 2
Vampire: 1-9(zip) [Finished]
[LIME] [Blanket] [KK] Kenshin and Kaoru
[KK] Itsu Made Mo: 1
[KKT] Memories Melting: 1 2 [Finished]
[LEMON] [KT] Early evening in a mountain village
[Kenshin] Chrysalis
[Dark/Angst] [KT] The Snow Raven: 1 2 3 4
[Kenshin] Getting Noticed
[KK] Anata no Kaeru Basho
Sword and Ponytail
[WAFF] [KK] Butterflies
[KK] Begging the Question
[WAFF] Better than Chocolate: 1 2 3
[KK] Heavenly Action
[SY] Dokodemo Iku
[LEMON] [AM] Crossing Innocence
[LEMON] [KK] Promises, Promises
[LEMON] [SM] Sabishii Kokoro
Mibu's Wolves: 1 2 3
[Saitou+Yumi] Affair
[YAOI] Aoshi's Room
[YAOI] The Bygone Past: 1 2
[Songfic] [SM] What Made You Say That
[Songfic] [AM] Aoshi/Misao Vidfic - N'Sync
[Songfic] [KK, Enishi] Full of Grace
[Humour] The Rice Balls of Death
[Humour] Hitokiri Laundry-Sai
[Challenge] [Soujirou] Christmas Challenge: Finding Myself
[Songfic] [KK] I do (cherish you)
[Poem] Narrative Haikus on Kenshin's Scar
[Soujirou+Misao, Aoshi+Megumi] Vindictive Spirits: 1 2 3
Musing on a lazy afternoon
[Songfic] [SM] Show me the meaning of being lonely
[Kenshin] Eclipse
[KTT] Oniwabanshuu Meruhenland
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: The Inside Of My Skin
[KT] Ohmikami no Omocha
[X-Over] But I Have Promises To Keep
[Poem] [AM] very small aoshi poem
[ST] The Nightwitch Tales: (Zip)
Night Visitor
Older version of Night Visitor
All in the Family
The Wolf and the Witch
[Blanket] Romancing The Wolf
[Challenge] [ST] Christmas Challenge: You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth
[Drama] [Dark/Angst] [ST, KK, AM] That Which Lingers:
00-10(zip1), 11-19(zip2), 20-24(zip3),
23, 24,
Teaser, AnotherSnippet
Sketches: Zip
A Telling Gesture
TWL Side Stories
Songfic Eyes on Me
Destiny Of Fangs Teasers
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: Legacy
[X-Over] [GW/RK] Once and Forever (teaser)
[KK] Sweet kisses: 1-2
Mirai Rurouni Kenshin:
1 2 3 4
Rising Sun: 16-17 18
[Soujirou] Killer's Smile
[AM] Past Due
Remedies of Love
[AM] Sailor Weasel:
02-11(zip1) 12-17(zip2) 17
[X-Over] [AM] Meeting Through Meditation: 1 2 3
[X-Over] [Hana Yori Dango] [AM] Hana Yori Misao: 00-09(zip1) (05 missing) 10
[LEMON] [KK] Untitled 1-2
Me, Myself and I
Itsumo (Always): 1
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: Vengeful Love
[Poem] Let There Be A Shower of Sorrow Night of Nights
[Poem] Wind of Change Times
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: Challenge short story
[Songfic] Push
Rurouni Kenshin outtakes: 1 2 3
Prologue 1 2 3 4
Past Promises: 2
[Songfic] [SM] You Were Mine
Frankenstein - Kenshin Style
Coming Home
Reflections of Me
The First Meeting of The SMDC (Saitoh Must Die Committee)
Curse in Amber: Prologue
Old Friends, New Enemies: 1
Starlight, Hellfire: 1
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: Winter Sun
Now or Never
Tattered Angel:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 epilogue
On my own
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye
Tears in Heaven
Misao-chan (forward to )
Drifting Winds of Love
Misao's wish: 1 3 4
Shattered Rainbows: 1-2 3 4 5
Aoshi Goes Midnight Marauding
The Red Side of the Night: 1 2
Hiko Hate List
Raindrops of Rage: 1 2
[Blanket] Aoshi & Misao
True Gifts:
Disclaimer 1 2 3a
3b 3c 4 omake [Finished]
[LEMON] [AM] [Blanket] Aoshi and Misao: Complete Zip [Finished]
Is This Love
More Than Words
Yume Mata Wa Shinjitsu
Hiding in Plain Sight: 1 2 3
A Poem for Sano
Kenshin & Yahiko's Haiku
Snow Falling
Untitled Aoshi fic..
[Humour] Les Miserables: Rurouni Kenshin Style
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: Short Tomoe thing
[Songfic] [KK] Godsend
[KK] Feelings Awakened
[Humour] The Meiji Mission: 1 2
Blanket] Kenshin and Kaoru
[Humour] Girl Talk
Shattered Moonlight, Shattered Dreams
A Choice of Heaven
Dark Night of the Soul
Heart of Sword
Rurouni Kenshin
The Trouble With Cats
Trap of Emotions
Leaf and Flame
Lily in a Rainstorm: 1 2 3 4
Shadows of Fire
New poetry
[Blanket] [KK] Melting Hearts
A weird Misao story...
When I Return Home
[X-Over/Parody/RoundRobin] [RK/StarTrek] Rurouni Trek
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: Soul of Winter
[Drama] The Darkest Shadows, The Brightest Lights:
Prologue 1 2 3 4
5a 5b 6a 6b 7a 7b
[LEMON] [SM] Sensational
[Songfic] [X-Over] [Jekyll&Hyde] Confrontation
[LEMON] [KK] Brain Elves: 1 2
[Drama] A New Life:
VOl. 1 (Chapter1-12) , Zip
Vol. 2: Chapter 1
[Songfic] "One"
Heart's Ease Bonus Story (original author Yumi, Komagata)
Tenshi: prologue 1a
Chronicles of a Rurouni
Complete Text Zip
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 [Finished]
Reasons for the Winds of Change
Ceremony: 1 2 3
Kenshin x Tomoe fic: 1
How the Kenshingumi (and a few other side characters) would open a bottle of corked sake
I swim, I just don't float de gozaru
Co-written with Rurouni, Sano, Wisely and Okashira:
The original Singapore RK fans Round Robin: 1 2 3 4 [AXED]
Listbot Roundrobin:
The most plotless fic ever written: 1 2 3 [AXED]
Co-written with Rurouni:
Koori no Naifu o Daite
A discussion
Masshiro robes
Titanic: The Untold Story
Titanic: The Untold Story Epilogue-Crossover with YYH
[Humour] Future Past
Verbal Match
The way things should be
International Convention RK / YYH / GW / FY / EVA / original authors of so said series
Translated by Pan:
Protecting your happiness (Orig. author- Akari; trans. with permission): prologue 1 2 3 [Continuation - Uncertain]
The unlit matchstick
[Drama] Hate and Honour: The Mind of A Killer
Prelude: 1 2
Chapter One: 1 2 [Updated]
Wolf's Honour
Saitou vs. Okita
Saitoh In The Doghouse
The Curse Of The Dragon
Prelude To Saitou In The Doghouse
Aoshi - The Strongest Midwife
(Current email lost; Please contact current Archiver)
[Blanket] Shishio, Soujirou
Untitled Fic
Family: 1-2 3 4
Sisterly Advice?????
Lost Loves and Mending Hearts: 1 2 3
Destinos Kenshin
Blind Date
How I Wish I Spent My Birthday
The Further Adventures of the Kenshin Gumi at College:
1 2 3 4 5
[Megumi, Aoshi, Misao] Stepping Stones
By Chance
A Hairy Ordeal
Blood Tainted Memories
[AM] Warm Embraces
[Songfic] [AM] Last Impression
[Humour] [Kenshin] All I Want For Christmas...
[AM] All I Want For Christmas...:The Kyoto Chapter
The Shadow: 1 2 [Finished]
[Humour] Krazy Kenshin Kommercials
[X-Over] [Ranma 1/2] [Humour] The Past Returns: An 'Aoshi 1/2' fic [New]
[Humour] [X-Over] The Tale of the Sleeping Beauty [New]
The Kenshin-Gumi Newlywed Game
[X-Over] Heavenly Incarnations:
01 02 03 04
A Kenshin Summer...
Yahiko in Wonderland
[Drama] [WAFF] All That Matters:
1 2 3 4 5
6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 7
Requiem for Insanity
[WAFF] Toki to ki to koneko kitto...
[LEMON] [KK] Lemonade
A Ripple in Calm Waters: 1-6(zip)
For the Sake of Hope: 1, 2, Zero-I, 4
Sake and Sakura:
1-8(zip1) [Finished],
[Challenge] Tomoe Challenge: Seasons
[Challenge] Misao Working Girl Challenge: Running away with your imagination
[ST] In the Heart of the Wolf:
prologue 1 2 3
Sailor Star Destroyer [Verify]
[X-Over] Sakura no Kenshin
[Dark/Angst] A Reason for Living
[Drama] [Sano+Misao] These Changing Times:
01-07(zip1), 08-12(zip2),
13-17(zip3) 18a 18b 19a 19b [Updated]
Aoshi vignette
[Humour] The Meiji-Era Full Monty!: 1 2 3 4
Upon Watching 'The Ring' Episode of RK
Evil Thoughts
It's Your Love
The Wonder of You
Please Remember Me
My Guy
If You See Him/ If You See Her
You Had Me From Hello
Alternate Pairings (chronological):
How Long Gone
That Summer
In Another's Eyes
I Could Fall In Love
Wide Open Spaces
Oh How She Shines
What The Heart Wants
From Here To Eternity
From This Moment On
The Gift
[X-Over] The Lady or the Tiger
[X-Over] [Challenge] Misao Working Girl Challenge: Legends of the Dark...
Ahh! Aoshi-sama!
[ST] Until Next Time
(Chronological order)
[Songfic] All the heaven I need
[X-Over] [Ninja Scroll] Darkness Before Dawn: 1 2 3
[Songfic] These wicked games
[Songfic] I will be right here
[Ninja Scroll crossover] Darkness Before Dawn: 4 5
[Blanket] In The Henhouse
[Songfic] (What the hell) I see in you
[Songfic] A Better Man
[Songfic] If I Never Knew You - Songfic for Ashfae's "Koiji"
A Turbulent Eye Between Two Hurricanes: 1 2 3 4 5
[Drama] Aitou, soshite Kibou:
prologue 1 2 3a 3b
Not Enough
One Nite A Year
A Short (?) Tale on Bakumatsu
[Poem] Strange But Funky
Dreams in the Dark:
1 2 3 4b [Updated]
[LEMON] [AM] Side Story: Okashira (The Leader)
Tsubame and the Kaitou
[Blanket] Sleepless Night: A Dialogue
Kenshin & Yahiko's Haiku
Ayame-chan no Iken
[Songfic] [Shinta] Where is Love?
[Humour] The Vicious Horse Episode
[WAFF] Closing the Distance
[Drama] Fever Dreams: 1 2 3 4 5 [Finished]
[Yahiko] Family
By Any Other Name...
[Humour] Lessons:
prologue 1 2 3
epilogue [Finished]
Kindoku and Frilly Aprons:
Author's Notes 1 2 3 [Finished]
Strengths and Weakness: 1
Taken With The Notion: 1 2a 2b [Finished]
[Humour] LIAC fics:
Seishi and Meiji Meet NY Telephone
An Unexpected -- and Irate -- Visitor
Home Movies
Closing the Distance -- 20 Minutes Later
Writing Angst
Ecchi Seishi
Taihen! The SPCAC Comes to Call
E-mail Support Group
Defective Character
Those Darn Cats!
Dan's LIAC: 1 2 3 [Finished]
And Then Came Japoro
Jawa Obsession
Fighting With the Muse
The Voice
[Humour] Little Rabbit Fuu Fuu
[Humour] Remington Rurouni
[Humour] Misao-chan & Mibu's Wolf: a Rurouni Kenshin fairy Tale
[Humour] Six Million Dollar Sano
[Songfic] Mister Santa
[Humour] An Unexpected Cut
[Humour] How Enishi Stole Christmas
[Humour] Kenshin the Red Haired Rurouni
Clean Version (written by )
Ecchi Version (written by Tae)
[Humour] Makimachi's Rainbow
[Songfic] [WAFF] [KK] We Could Be In Love
Shiawase o Sagashite Iru (WAS Untitled Fic): 1 2 3 [Finished]
Unexpected Alliance
What Times May Come:
prologue 1 2 3 4 5
6a 6b(&TMOTC)
[Songfic] Circumstances
[Drama] [Dark/Angst] Of Love and Honor:
01-09(zip1), 10-12(zip2),
13a 13bteaser
Of Love and Honor Vignettes:
Prelude to Chapter 3
Prelude to Chapter 12
Companion Pieces to OLH:
[Humour] To Be Or Not To Be: 1-7(zip1)
Silk and Satin
Some Siliness
[WAFF] [AM] Ikebana:
1 2 3 4 [Updated]
A Road Less Traveled:
01-07(zip1), 08-11b(zip2),
11a 11b
[Dark/Angst] Farewell to Innocence: 1-4(zip) [Finished]
Through the Looking Glass
Night Time
[Challenge] Christmas Challenge: Dearly Departed (2 parts) - 1
[Songfic] [SM] Somewhere Between Love and Friendship
[Songfic] [AM] Anything But Lonely
[Songfic] [AM] Another Day
[Megumi] A Bird With Broken Wings:
Prologue 1 2 [Updated]
[Hiko] Within the Mist: 1-2 [New]
One More Ishin: The Early Days: 1 2 3
[LEMON] [KK] Interludes ~ Winter Morning
Heart's Ease: 1 (2) (3)
Heart's Ease Bonus Story - by Nicky Townsend
[LEMON] [KK] Homecoming
[LEMON] [SM] Equal Frustration
[WAFF] [AM] Someone to Watch Over Me: 1 2 3

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[LIME] = AKA Citrusy, AKA NC-17 rating.
[LEMON] = AKA Adult Romance, AKA Smut, etc.
[KK] = Kenshin x Kaoru
[KT] = Kenshin x Tomoe
[AM] = Aoshi x Misao
[SM] = Sanosuke x Megumi
[ST] = Saitou x Tokio
[SY] = Shishiro x Yumi
[YAOI] = male/male pairing
[Anyone+Someone] = Alternate Pairing
[Anyone, Someone] = NOT Pairing; focus on two char.s
[KKT] = NOT a threesome; focus on Kenshin, Kaoru and Tomoe.

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